Teenage Love

Tarina teiniajoilta, voi kuinka viatonta ja niin dramaattista rakkaus olikaan silloin – ja kuinka taitamaton olinkaan ottamaan vastaan lempeyttä ja rakkautta. Varmasti totta monelle…

You held me like a flower on your palm,
you looked at me admiring, with love, 
so tenderly you touched my soul and heart.

You taught me what warmth and innocence of heart mean.
You took me to the heaven – oh teenage love!
You made me beautiful and whole – for that fleeting moment

You showed your beautiful pure heart.
My heart was so full of joy – for that fleeting moment.
Oh sweet teenage love!

If only I could have known how to receive your love and beautiful heart!
If only I would have known how to trust that feeling!

I gave in to that feeling – for a fleeting moment
and you came so close, too close
and got under my skin, into my heart.
So unfamiliar feeling– attractive and so addictive
which I then rejected while it was so scary.

Oh that teenage love! So innocent, so complicated, so confusing!

So much I loved – and was loved by you – for that fleeting moment.
Still – yes, still – your teaching is alive and in action
although I broke your heart – and mine by rejecting them, not trusting.
How sad it was to breake that young love
and drop the flower from your palm,
and let it wither in the absence of that loving warm admiring glance.
You held me like a flower on your palm.

Decades later,
I return to that feeling and experience with gratitude
and maybe one day I have learned something about mutual love and warmth
and hold you like a flower on my palm
cherishing and nurturing it,
and allow that love get under my skin, into my heart
and I hold us like a flower on my palm
growing it and letting it to be free and find its way.

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