ForEver loved

How much Life do we lose by following insane and inhuman rules,
or by suffocating ourselves in small meaningless boxes
or in the space we are expected to stay
or in the loveless life that no one wants?

You have to look like others,
to dress like others,
to live like others,
to love like others,
you have to stay in the same trap as everyone.

No, I don’t want to lose any moment anymore for nonsense
or for something that doesn’t resonate.
I seek for truth, I seek for sense,
I seek for humanness
and I live in Love.

I breathe freedom
and I drink to the last drop of this life. 
The more I drink from this chalice of life the more it will be filled.

My kundalini is alive and awake,
I am still alive,
my soul still sings and dances.
God the Creator has promised us to sing and dance this dance of life
until the last breath.

Our love is forever new
our form is changing from time to time
and our souls have been called home from time to time
or to meet each others from time to time.

No one is free from that or everyone is free in that.
Everyone is free to live this life fully
and to remember that our souls are eternal
the beast and the beauty
the baby and the elder
and all in between
are forever loved by our Creator.